Company History

A trusted EU based Company, and a China Version of Phonehouse, Aiming at distributing&retailing the Chinese Consumer electronics such as Oneplus, Meizu, Oppo, Xiaomi and Huawei etc .


Promises are kept always with continuous learning daily.

Basic Value

Customer-oriented,Innovative,Teamwork,Talent-oriented,Be open-minded. Ambition:Chinese Innovation for everyone in EU

Company Milestone

Thanks to our great team spirit and dedication to work closely together, we are confident that our dream to deliver truly .


We started the EU trading in different chinese brands of consumer electronics.


Spanished brand office was
set up with warehouse by EU workers.


We became the official distributor of some chinese brands within EU,
and parternshipped with EU company.


Aiming to become the Chinese version of Santrum within EU,
we set up the EU company with great ambition.


time to be.